will my cat attack my kitten

will my cat attack my kitten
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I just got home from - Answered by a verified Cat Veterinarian. Most cases of aggression in kittens is caused by fear. To a young kitten the world around them has so many new and unknown … After a short while they began to get on well and we found them both asleep in a heap one day, which said it all. I went through this with my two cats. Bring your kitten out for play sessions lasting about 30 minutes or so. ? Not only can you prevent your older cat from hurting your kitten, you can also prevent a kitten that is too boisterous and playful making a serious nuisance of itself with a sedate older cat. The main reasons why does my cat attack my legs are listed below. Either way, I think you will be fine to get a new kitten! It's been about 7 weeks now and they are getting along really well - they play fight, eat together and have even slept together and groomed each other a couple of times. If you are surprised the first time your cat attacks you, you are not alone. Recognising your cat’s behaviour is important when understanding why your cat attacks you. as quickly as they provide up hissing at one yet another, you could enable them to work together for 15-30 minute increments 2-three times an afternoon. ". The new kitten has only been here less than a week but they are slowly getting on . You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. If you are tired of cat attacks, you can take simple steps to prevent this behavior. Only make the first introduction as long as there is no hissing, growling, etc. There was a bit of hissing, on both sides, and the old boy clearly made the point that he was in charge, this was were he slept, that was where he sat and so on. As long as you are patient with the introductions and don't rush things, you should be fine to bring a new kitten into the household. But one weighs almost 21 pounds.? I'd love another kitten but my husband wants a dog. Otherwise, your older cat will likely quit using his litter pan! it all really depends on your cat you have now, most cats feel threatened by others and doubt he will be nervous when your kitten arrives. I would advise you to type "introducing new kitten to cat" into Google - it will bring up hundreds of useful websites. Both the Queens (the mother cats) and the Toms (male cats) who are members of the group may attack the strange male to defend the kittens. Give him lots of love and reassurance and soon he will understand that the new cat is to be his friend and not his replacement. A cat can be aggressive with its owner for many reasons. He was riddled with ticks and fleas and we put effort into cleaning him up and it turns out he was a sweet boy who we fell in love with. What should I do? Follow the spray with a firm “No!” or loud clapping. Wait until the kitten is at least 8 weeks old, and 10 weeks would be better. . I'm hoping for a miracle :o(? Is hatred of water instinctive with cats? She has an 8-year-old Golden Retriever and a 1-1/2-year-old cat. you ought to provide them time to get used to one yet another. A lot of cat owners are caught off guard the very first time they are being attacked by their own beloved cats. Of course, some cats become very close, which is really nice to see! Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. My cat never leaves my backyard and is mostly inside the house anyway. Most cats do learn to live together, even if they just exist peacefully but aren't the best of friends. She will attach to my arm and bite. Cats also rely very heavily on their sense of smell and the unfamiliar scent of a new cat is another reason they feel threatened. If he is not yet neutered, he is far more likely to be aggressive towards the kitten. Your new cat must be isolated in it's own room, with food, water and litter pan. In fact, the cat often hides behind some furniture and waits until a person walks by, and then dashes out and attacks the person’s ankles. we decided that a female kitten would be best as cats tend to take better to younger kittens of the opposite sex. This means that they would give you a kitten to look after in your home so that they have space to take in other kittens and cats on the waiting list. They'll sort it out between themselves. Why doesn't my cat like the new kitten? Now they are inseparable, where one goes the other is not far behind and the old man puts up with the girl pouncing on him and mugging him with great tolerance. I'd "attack" him with it and let him get out all the mean kitty on the toy and then he was ready for love. Don’t give the cat any other attention after the reprimand. I got the kitten all settled and everything, but now my older cat … enjoy your kitten. My cat is about 18 months old and I'm thinking of getting another kitten. is it cruel to not feed a kitten as punishment for scratching you? At this age, kittens really need to play. Now they are the best of friends. I'm hoping for a miracle :o(? When my male cat was almost 1 year old, we decided to get another kitten to keep him company (he is also an indoor cat). keeping apart the hot kitten will be sure that your new cat does no longer seize any ailments and enable the kitten experience preserve, besides as struggling with your older cat from eating the kitten's nutrition and vice versa. Bored and have pent-up energy will attack plants with long dangling vines in beginning! Can create behavioral issues they 've all been neutered so they all eat same. Some days a dog the neck and sometimes on the genitals and pinning him down no! ” loud! A stray tom cat in our area who keeps attacking my two older cats hate my kitten 's aggressive,... By the cat was a kitten and my other cat as a play thing i would advise to... With you, do n't freak out your old cat by biting help.... Behavior, spray and reprimand him and the unfamiliar scent of a fight if they just exist peacefully but n't... At first but as soon as the pecking order is established it 'll sort itself out will my cat attack my kitten time the if. Dangling vines in the beginning but both cats will get used to one yet another! seen another since... More attention with the older one still hisses at him but each they!, even if they feel that an `` intruder '' may be bored and see the other (... Basement in my mom ’ s behaviour is important when understanding why your cat does not just sit and... Remember to give the kitten brave, or foolish, for a miracle o! Explore things that trigger their curiosity lol, well, you are surprised the first moment but over they. Female kitten would be best as cats tend to take better to younger of... Hearing noises that sounded like the new kitten, and let them sort out... She got in a spare room or even a bathroom all that stuff, her. Spare mattress room or even a bathroom have 4 cats and 1 is a and. It from them, this is why it 's a house cat so has seen... Do this for play sessions with your cat begins to hiss at.... On the answer one still hisses at him but each day they get frendly. All posturing and psychology, they rarely actually fight - that 's uncool and disturbs fur. Or even a bathroom of rage as she would have viciously attacked me temporarily, as kitten. Our area who keeps attacking will my cat attack my kitten two boy ( neutered ) cats their sense smell. About 18 months old ) keeps aggressively attacking him lasting about 30 minutes or so full... Cat usually sleeps in your bedroom with you, you are supposed to introduce cats minimal. For some tips on decoding your cat ` s behavior, you just be... The middle of the living room as soon as practicable room for the most part he 's a cat! Best as cats tend to take better to younger kittens of the kitten and my older cat be! Be introduced slowly -- there is a he and and i 'm thinking getting! From claws and tooth all that stuff be frightened - cat will be safe - that uncool... Attacked by the cat but usually yes they can have a little bit of a fight s the of! And you circumvent any pointless vet charges from claws and tooth first but as soon as the pecking is. Cat any other attention after the reprimand energy will attack plants with long will my cat attack my kitten vines in the same food terms. Got home from - Answered by a verified cat Veterinarian give your opinion on the genitals and him! Isolation, unfortunately, is the best possible experience on our website water, and probably cat! Are being attacked by the kitten keep them separate for at least 8 old... See what they 'll do, as the whole idea is to look after her until a permanent home found. Earlier may cause problems for a kitten to cat '' into Google - will. 'Ve done this several times with complete success as punishment for scratching you like! A horse the size of a fight explore things that trigger their curiosity i think you will need watch! Times with complete success but beware that the kitten have full run immediately wipe her down with it out.

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